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Sportsmen for Wild Olympics - Salmon Streams for Our Future

We are sportsmen and hunting & fishing guides who live and work on the Olympic Peninsula. We support the Wild Olympics Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers Act because it would permanently protect critical headwaters and streams for salmon, steelhead, elk & other game on Olympic National Forest. It would also protect & enhance access for sportsmen without closing roads.


We hunt these lands. We fish these streams. Some of us make our living as guides on these rivers and in these forests. Our parents hunted and fished here, and our children hunt in their footsteps. 

Sadly, these priceless headwaters & salmon streams on Olympic National Forest are at risk. Sportsmen for Wild Olympics makes the connections between permanent watershed protection, recreational and commercial fishing & hunting access, and healthy habitat for game & other wildlife. The Wild Olympics Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers Act would permanently protect our headwaters & salmon streams while protecting our hunting and fishing access at the same time without closing any roads.

About this website You can find information about some of the sportsmen supporting Wild Olympics, information about the reasons why we support Wild Olympics, latest news and updates from the Olympic Peninsula and the Wild Olympics Campaign, contact information for some of us and sign our Sportsmen for Wild Olympics petition.

Watch Our New Video: "Salmon Streams for Our Future." 

Sportsmen for Wild Olympics: Salmon Streams For Our future from Wild Olympics on Vimeo.